Work With Us

At Progrus, we invest in our team as we believe they are the single most important factor in our success. And when we say “our” we mean everyone. We want you to feel integral to the company because you are. We believe good teamwork is based on listening, respecting each other and acting in an honest and transparent way. When our core values are shared by all, we believe our potential is unlimited. We work hard and do everything to get the job done, but not at the expense of our team’s safety. We also have fun!

We invest in our staff providing regular opportunities for leadership and management training. We want to contribute in a positive way to the acquisition of new skills and certifications.  Ensuring you are growing in our environment and in your profession.

Be part of a team that wants to hear your ideas on how to continually improve and be better. Join a company that wants to support your growth and development in your career and earn your loyalty.