Our Purpose: Advance the Standard of Living

At Progrus, our purpose is to advance the standard of living for humanity. This is accomplished through the services we provide, the work environment we create, and the initiatives we support.

Revenue and profit are necessary to fulfill our purpose; however, they, in themselves, are not the end goal.

How Our Services Support Our Purpose:

The services we provide help to advance the standard of living by improving access to:

  • Clean water and waste disposal;
  • Energy and communication networks;
  • Transportation infrastructure;
  • Healthcare, education, and other public facilities;
  • Employment opportunities;
  • Housing and affordable goods.

We advance the standard of living in communities by building or improving necessary infrastructure for a healthy lifestyle and increased public safety; while generating prosperity through providing employment and training opportunities, and engaging local businesses.

We can further extend our impact by supporting responsible development of natural resources that ensure world-class environmental measures with economic benefit and practicality. Furthermore, by building infrastructure that improves the supply chain, we aid in providing better and more affordable access to goods.

How Our Company Culture Supports Our Purpose:

Work Environment

We recognize that to advance the standard of living, we must first advance the standards of our work environments. People spend large portions of their lives at work, so we deserve to be engaged in meaningful work with people we enjoy spending time among.

People will inevitably encounter personal challenges throughout their lives. A secure work environment can be a safe haven during those times. The meaningful relationships that we build with our team members adds to our support networks and can bring us comfort during challenging times.

We feel these are rights not only reserved for the employees of our company, but any person with whom we are in contact – whether they be a supplier, subcontractor, client, consultant, or the public. We must be respectful of other’s opinions and endeavour to find solutions that consider all perspectives. We cannot tolerate abusive behavior.


We must not discriminate. We must provide fair access to employment, training, and advancement opportunities, no matter a person’s ethnicity, gender, social status, or other differences. We must remove barriers that limit people’s inclusion whenever it is reasonable to do so. We recognize the value that diversity brings in varying perspectives and experience.

We must endeavour to pay people fairly based on merit, not favoritism, and provide essential benefits that enable a good standard of living whenever possible.


We must use growth to expand our reach and impact as many people as possible. Growth can be measured through revenue, profit, geographical area, quality, and efficiency. These measurables are intended to help advance our purpose but must never conflict with it.

We also recognize that our success must be sustained over the long term to have the maximum impact on our purpose. We must never be enticed by short-term gains when the long-term vision is at risk.

Initiatives That Can Further Our Purpose:


Elevating the standard of living can protect the environment through improved education and poverty reduction. Raising the standard of living empowers people to make informed choices in their every day lives rather than just focusing on survival. In turn, we need a healthy environment to support a good standard of living. Both go hand in hand.

We must find ways to minimize our impact on the environment, as our impact will inevitably have adverse effects to our standard of living.

Health & Safety

We cannot advance the standard of living if we are responsible for causing injury or illness to people. It is our duty to protect people, both workers and the public. People must leave our locations of work safe and healthy to enjoy a good quality of life.

Community & Indigenous Engagement

Our aim is to help boost local economies by spending funds within the region as much as practical, while balancing other constraints, to maximize the benefit in communities. This begins by soliciting input from communities to gain an understanding of what is important to them.

Efforts must be made to remove obstacles that could prevent local people from employment. To advance the standard of living, people require meaningful work that engages them. This starts with feeling welcome to the team and may require training, mentorship, and opportunities for advancement.

Charitable Work

It is important that we share our success by leveraging our resources to advance our cause beyond the influence of our work. We have the privilege and responsibility to make this world a better place. As a group, we have the means to make a difference. Our organization can be a vehicle for change. The more we succeed, the more lives we can impact. We need to encourage our people to get involved in causes that are meaningful to them and we need to work together to support each other’s efforts.

This is our purpose.
Let’s make progress, together.