1. Progrus Constructors Inc Indigenous Relations Statement

Progrus Constructors Inc. (Progrus) strives to advance the standard of living in communities by building or improving necessary infrastructure for health and wellness advancement and increased public safety; while generating prosperity through providing employment and training opportunities, and engaging local businesses.
Progrus recognizes the mutual benefit that can result from Indigenous inclusion, perspectives and collaboration. We strive to ensure early and consistent engagement to develop a thorough understanding and respect of the rights, culture, values and aspirations of all Indigenous communities. The purpose of this policy is to detail the means by which Progrus will expand its relationships with Indigenous communities, businesses and employees to find mutually beneficial opportunities and advance the standard of living in the communities where we work.

2. Principles of Indigenous Engagement

Progrus understands that Indigenous people form communities that are unique in their histories, cultures, values, aspirations, rights and governments. It is important to have an understanding and respect for these unique factors before any attempt at engagement.

To maintain transparency and accountability as we work with Indigenous peoples, Progrus will use the following principles to guide our engagement.

Collaborative – We commit to open and transparent dialogue regarding projects, impacts, benefits and opportunities.

Accountable – We commit to seeking progressive and mutually beneficial relationships and conducting business in an ethical and sustainable way.

Positive – Committed to positive outcomes, we will seek areas to support growth in economic and community initiatives.

Respect – Through awareness and education we will work to increase respect for the lands, values and cultures of Indigenous people.

3. Commitments

Committed to promote the socio-economic status of the communities that we work with, Progrus will meet with Indigenous business and community leaders to identify appropriate areas for the employment and development of qualified Indigenous people and businesses.

Specifically, Progrus will:

  • develop an awareness of Indigenous culture within our organization;
  • respect Indigenous land and community culture when executing projects;
  • develop understanding of the potential impact of our business on Indigenous people and their communities;
  • work with Indigenous leaders and applicable representatives to allow for interests of Indigenous communities to be met;
  • increase the involvement of Indigenous communities and people in the success of our business;
  • facilitate partnering with Indigenous communities including joint ventures and strategic alliances with local Indigenous business;
  • ensure employment and training opportunities for Indigenous communities on our projects; and
  • execute projects with apprenticeship and transferable skills made available to leave a legacy behind.

4. Indigenous Partnerships

The development of formalized relationships and partnerships with Indigenous communities creates a mechanism to detail areas for collaboration and meaningful inclusion in our projects and effect positive change for Indigenous communities.

Understanding the mutual importance of Indigenous Partnerships, we ground our engagement policies in respect and understanding of the unique cultures, rights, histories, and goals of the community to advance the standard of living for Indigenous people of Canada.