Living our values to deliver value is the foundation upon which we’re building our business. Our values are embedded in everything we do, on project sites, at the office, and in our daily lives.

We will make money from our work. But there’s no value in our business without a strong culture and a great team.

I hold myself accountable for the results of the company and how I can influence or impact them.

I show up for work every day with the right attitude.

I want my crew to know how to be safe, to understand the scope of the job, and to know that their ideas are welcome.

I believe in taking responsibility for identifying opportunities in the best interests of Progrus.

We all ask questions, regardless of our experience or what we think we know.

Being PROGRESSIVE means:

  • Moving forward and evolving through constant improvement
  • Looking at things differently
  • Being innovative
  • Having the flexiblity to try new things
  • Having a willingness to consider new information, ideas and perspectives to make informed decisions
  • Being willing to collaborate
  • Challenging old paradigms and the status quo

Being ACCOUNTABLE means:

  • Intiating progress
  • Taking responsibility for actions in order to do better
  • Eliminating excuses and looking inwards
  • Taking control of our own destiny
  • Being dependable
  • Confronting our problems, not hiding from them
  • Protecting people and the environment

Being POSITIVE means:

  • Recognizing oppurtunity and potential
  • Seeing possiblites instead of roadblocks
  • Assuming good intentions before bad
  • Helping others and working together
  • Believing in ourselves and others’ capabilities
  • Leveraging our strengths to overcome our weaknesses
  • Confronting problems with the confidence we can find a solution, amicably and collaboratively


  • Looking out for each other
  • Seeing beyond individual motives to the bigger picture connecting us all
  • Respecting and recognizing how others’ unique perspectives elevate our awareness in complex situations
  • Appreciating people for their strengths, and seeing where our own strengths support and compliment them
  • Responding to situations intending an outcome where everyone benefits, without sacrificing our values
  • Having the patience to see the value in mentoring people and sharing our knowledge