The safety of all our staff and visitors on our work sites is paramount. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for following established safety guidelines. Every week, our staff reviews the specific work site processes to keep the safety-first message front of mind. All employees are encouraged to flag potential issues to keep themselves and their teammates healthy and well. Our supervisors ensure staff assigned to tasks have the training and competency to complete them safely.

We are all the most valuable assets and important investments within the company. We ensure our staff are returned home at the end of the workday to their family and friends. Our culture is based on respect and fairness, where individual voices are acknowledged, and each member of our team has the ability to pioneer our path.

We also believe that reducing the harm and impact of our work on the environment is an important aspect of health and safety.  Through our collaborative process, we work with environmental consultants to mitigate and prevent damage to the land and water around our worksites.