Port Edward, BC New Siding Near Watson Island


Earthworks, drainage and support for the construction of six kilometers (6km) of new rail siding adjacent to a live rail mainline.


  • Earthworks including clearing and grubbing, stripping and common excavation
  • Construct off-site disposal area for unsuitable soils, including access road and installation of temporary bridges over streams
  • Rock blasting of 50,000 m³ adjacent to live rail mainline
  • Supply and placement of granular structures
  • Preload estuary areas including predrilling and installation of vertical wick drains
  • Infill existing off-site lagoon
  • Supply and install drainage piping and structures
  • New augured culverts (900mm – 1800mm diameter) and existing culvert extensions
  • Environmentally sensitive instream works including creek diversions
  • Design and construct of MSE retaining walls
  • Municipal road realignment including asphalt paving, line painting, signage, fencing and concrete barriers
  • Coordination with multiple landowners and agencies